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The IRS has increased the Flexible Spending Account (FSA) contribution limits for the Health Care Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA) and the Limited Expense Health Care FSA (LEX HCFSA). For 2023, participants may contribute up to an annual maximum of $3,050 for a HCFSA or LEX.


2023 Minimum Amount – $5.00 per pay period ($130 per year)

2023 Maximum Amount – $117.30 per pay period ($2,730 per year)

Plan Year – January 1st – December 31st

New Benefit The time period to incur eligible expenses has been extended to February 15th.

Helpful Resources

Belmont County
Please contact your department supervisor or the Belmont County Auditor’s Office at
(740) 699-2130

Forms and Plan Documents:

Summary Plan Document

Summary of Benefits

We have adopted the Flexible Spending Account Plan also known as a "Flexible Benefits Plan” for you and other eligible employees. Under this Plan, you will be able to choose among certain benefits that we make available. The benefits that you may choose are outlined in this Summary Plan Description (sometimes referred to herein as the “SPD”). We will also tell you about other important information concerning the Plan, such as the rules you must satisfy before you can join and the laws that protect your rights.

CARES Act Handout

CARES Act Handout

The CARES Act eliminates the requirement that over-the-counter medicines and drugs must be prescribed in order to be considered a qualified medical expense for HSAs, health flexible spending arrangements (FSAs), health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs), and Archer medical savings accounts (MSAs).

FSA Enrollment

FSA Enrollment

It’s easy to save money with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA). You will pay the same amount for health care initially - but you’ll receive savings when you submit receipts for expenses that are then reimbursed from your tax free FSA. The health care FSA shields your out-of-pocket health care expenses from taxes. You select an amount to be shielded, increments of which are set aside from your paychecks during the year. FSA funds can only be used for your eligible dependents claimed on your yearly IRS tax returns.

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